Whiting Engineering Building - Johns Hopkins University - 1988

HEGRA Architects

Construction Project Manager

I construction managed this project in 1988 for the Johns Hopkins University while working for Lehrer McGovern Bovis. This is a 4 story building with 60,000 sq.ft. of laboratories classrooms and a library in the basemen. It is the only new structure on Hopkins lower "quad" A poured concrete frame supports a 9" "flat plate drop head floor system", and 20' high stainless exhaust stacks carry waste from the laboratories. The HVAC system consists of a steam exchange system tied to the central campus steam station. The distribution system is variable volume. Sprayed acoustics and exposed ductwork are used through-out. Of particular interest is the limestone detailing, matching existing Hopkins details. Concrete stairs were precast on site and interior steel stair rails were custom fabricated.